This department at KILSE, S.L. provides its clients with the most complete range of materials for the packaging of food products.

  1. PA/PE bags
    1. PA/PE Bags (90-200 my)
    2. Goffered Bags 90 my
    3. Metallized bags 1 face (90 my)
    4. Metallized bags 2 faces (90 my)
    5. Gold Reusable Bag 1 face (90 my)
    6. Gold Reusable Bag 2 faces (90 my)
    7. Pasteurization Bags (100, 90')
    8. High Barrier Bags PA/EVOH/PE 90 my
    9. Printing up to 8 colours
  2. Retractable packaging bags
    1. Repackaging bag with different thicknesses and qualities for the packaging of products with and without bones.
    2. Bags for the packaging of cheeses with different permeability to CO2.
    3. Bag for packaging products with subsequent heat treatment (with and without adhesion)
    4. Direct cooking bag ("discard 0")
    5. Tube bag for special applications
    6. Printing up to 8 colours
  3. Films for packaging
    1. Films for RIGID THERMOMOULDED in different compositions and thicknesses (PET, PLA, PP, PS, etc.)
    2. Films for FLEXIBLE THERMOMOULDED in different compositions and thicknesses (OPET, OPA/PA, PP, Paper, etc.)
    4. Films for COVER in different compositions and thicknesses with or without demister (PET, PA, Paper, etc.)
    5. Films for medical procedures
    6. Films for technical items
    7. Films for special applications
    8. Printing up to 12 colours
  4. Bone protector
    1. Different colours and qualities
    2. Customised pre-cutting
  5. Packaging for thermosealing
    1. Injection (PP)
    2. Thermomoulded (PS/EVOH/PE, PP, PP/EVOH/PP, CPET, APET, PS/PE, ETC.)
    3. Making of customised packaging

Diferentes sistemas de envasado

Diferentes sistemas de envasado

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